It’s Almost Easter!

blog easter postHello everyone! How are you doing?!

My friends and I decided to make Easter a BIG DEAL because it is God, coming from a perfect place in heaven, to a sinful place with pain, heartache, and suffering (Earth). He did not come to be served, as one might imagine (because He created the people on Earth), He came to serve the people living in their sin! I celebrate Easter because Jesus came to Earth and sacrificed Himself so that if ANYONE believes in Him they WILL be in His holy presence when He returns (John 3:16). Jesus let the people whom he created kill him, BUT He did not stay dead! This fact is why Easter is such a big deal- God gave Jesus life and His rising from the dead brought victory over the devil. Jesus defeated the devil! I hope you take time to reflect why Jesus would come down to Earth so humbly from heaven to die for you today.  blog brick flowerscross-for-easter-billy-graham.jpg


First blog post! Quote Day!

blog quote day theme

“Smile! It makes people wonder what your up to.”

blog quote SMILE

Hello:) One time i went into a cafe restaurant and this quote was posted behind the counter. Naturally, I figured that I should try it out. The cashier lady noticed me smiling and remembered what the poster behind her said… so she gave me free chocolate candy! The point is that, because it can be unusual to see someone smiling for “no reason”, you will make people curious as to why you are smiling. I dare y’all to try it this upcoming week. I will too 😉